Retail and Specialty

Ensure easy access to the crucial therapies your patients need

Pharmacy Design & Implementation

Pharmacy Operations

Prescription Capture Strategy

Finance & Reimbursement

Metrics and Data Reporting

Pharmacy Design & Implementation

Design of physical space

Optimal workflow design

Construction or reconstruction of pharmacy space

Pharmacy Operations

Recruitment and staffing of 340B trained personnel

Purchasing and inventory management

Licensure and accreditation requirements

Prescription Capture Strategy

Validation of contract pharmacy strategy

Optimization and maximize claim capture

Ensure compliance and audit readiness

Finance & Reimbursement

Maximize revenue based on payer mix

Standardize Prior Authorization (PA)

Patient Assistance Program (PAP) process

Metrics and Data Reporting

Implement comprehensive reporting process

Cultivate a culture of transparent data sharing


Rx Delivery to Your Door

Increase drug adherence and improve patient experience - while capturing more claims and driving revenue

Always Free

Same-day prescription


Scheduled delivery in 3-hour windows

Flexible Hours

9am - 9pm
7 days per week

Trained Drivers

Deliveries by local staff drivers


SMS alerts for delivery tracking

Environment Control

Adherence to stability protocols

In-House Pharmacy Partnership Models

Tango Delivers

Entity Owned

Tango Owned

Design and execution of the physical in-house pharmacy build-out

Sourcing of all 340B trained pharmacists, management, & staffing

Service and patient care that will make your organization proud

Management of all legal matters, accreditation, claim capture, billing, etc.

Compliance and HRSA audit readiness, while maximizing revenue & ROI

More control - with all the same benefits

Less initial out of pocket investment

What customers are saying about
our in-house pharmacy solution

North Carolina FQHC

"This was a huge decision for our organization. We decided to do it for our community and for our patients. Tango was with us every step of the way, making it as easy for us as possible. From identification of where and how to build out the pharmacy space, from managing the actual construction work, training our existing staff, helping us recruit additional staff, managing inventory, to jumping through the many regulatory hoops, the Tango team was with us. Their support, education, and can-do attitude made a world of difference."

Building healthier communities through partnerships by improving health equity and expanding access to care

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Email: team@tangorxsolutions.com

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