340B Program Management

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Our team of 340B experts bring over 30 years of industry experience and work on your behalf to develop, implement, and ensure ongoing maintenance of an exceptional program.

Program Management Results

Over 1,300% increase in revenue available for reinvestment back into patient care!
Q3 2020 -
*first quarter with program management
Q4 2020 -
Q1 2021 -
Q2 2021 -
Q3 2021 -
% of increased net revenue

Our Impact

Critical Access Hospital (CAH) with 3 sites in rural Ohio

No internal resources with 340B experience and inefficient, manual processes.


Executed a plan to quantify the opportunity and maximize savings via operational changes at the infusion center, split-bill implementation, contract pharmacy expansion and created custom P&P.


340B program support took the hospital from $0 to $100,000 in savings per month in less time than the hospital had projected it would take to fill the 340B coordinator role.

3-site Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Idaho

Experiencing 340B revenue decrease due to 340B leakage.


Fixed self-pay leakage and reduced fees by advising client to turn off their current self-pay program until the TPA could implement an auto-order mechanism and negotiated a decrease in TPAs switch fees by 70%.


Increased monthly savings by 580% through the optimization of existing parameters and vendor relationships, while continuing to help expansion and management of contract pharmacy partnerships.

Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) in rural Louisiana

No prior 340B experience and a limited budget to determine eligibility, ensure proper registration, facilitate implementation, or manage the program.


Initial pro-bono consulting and analysis, followed by program registration, staff training, and operational support.


In only 2 registration cycles, the tangoRx 340B Program Management services took a non-existing 340B program to one that generates over $960,000 in annual savings.