Mission-Driven Solutions Partner

TangoRx is exclusively focused on serving those who provide care to vulnerable patient populations. Our team is passionate about helping Covered Entities get the most out of their 340B program through our administrative services and in-house pharmacy solutions. Our team and array of solutions help to empower our clients to channel their full attention towards delivery of patient care.


The Origin of tangoRx

Tango traces back to one of the least likely settings for the inception of a business. The company, its purpose, and the very name itself, was conceived while the founders were away at a meditation retreat.

The peaceful environment and inspiring introspection had a profound impact on the founder’s vision for the new company. Born out of compassion and the desire to give back, tango’s purpose is to build healthier communities through partnerships to improve health equity and expand access to care.



Building healthier communities through partnerships by improving health equity and expanding access to care


Through our distinct combination of thought leadership, technology, and service, our team delivers innovative services to democratize care

People of tangoRx

Paige Niewerth

Manager, People Operations

With an exceptional eye for talent, unmatched HR expertise, and dedication towards improving healthcare, Paige is the human resource business partner and recruiter extraordinaire who is directly responsible for making Tango the amazing place to work and grow that it is today.

Veronica Smith-Whitley

Senior Manager, Operations Excellence

Setting the standard for professionalism and expertise, Veronica ensures that the entire team brings their A+ effort to every task - both internal operations as well as working with clients. A leader, an educator, a coach, and a friend, Veronica embodies the Tango values.

Sakeena Kazmi

Senior Manager, Customer Success

As our Customer Success leader, Sakeena brings  subject matter expertise and passion to her client work. Tango benefits from her deep technical knowledge, healthcare experience, and drive to ensure success for her clients. Sakeena is the partner that every Covered Entity needs!

Patrick Wills

Senior Manager, Implementations

There is nobody that you will want by your side more than Patrick during the process of implementing Tango solutions. With a "can-do" attitude, transparent communication style, a strong sense of accountability, and a wicked sense of humor, Patrick brings an expectational onboarding experience.

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Building healthier communities through partnerships by
improving health equity and expanding access to care

Telephone: 855-826-4679 (855-TANGORX)

Email: team@tangorxsolutions.com

Address: 31 Debevoise St. Brooklyn, NY 11206

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